To David & Daniel

To my amazing twin boys,


April 18, 2019, marks the day you turned 6 years old. As I reminisced about old times, how David was went through many kidney surgeries right after you two were born. I remember him laying on the hospital bed so lifeless and how grandma would often say" he will be fine, let's keep praying" at one point I started doubting God. It was as if I was blessed with two incredible boys and one was slowly being taken from me. I remember trying to stay strong for both of you. I remember crying everyday and praying to God to give you and your brother the strength to overcome this.

A pray for David and Daniel,

I pray that God continue to give you two the strength to face obstacles with the confidence that he will always be there to guide you through. That he will be with you, and keep you on a straight path of good behavior and God-fearing manners that will lead you two to be successful and satisfy with whatever calling God has for you. I pray that you continue to be prayerful and continue to touch many more lives as you get older. Father, God may you continue to help them concentrate on their goals and aspirations. Today, and everyday I ask you to raise a wall of protection around my children so that they can be protected from any danger. Lord, just like you said it in Thessalonians; you are faithful and you will strengthen us and protect us from the evil ones. God we put our lives in your hands.



You guys were not named David and Daniel for nothing!


David seeing you fight for you life as the age of 1minute old till now, freights me! I have never in my life met such a strong God-fearing boy like yourself. Your intelligence and beliefs are psychedelic. You are truly king David.

Daniel, I have no doubt that I gave birth to a righteous little man. You are always there to guide and support your brother no matter what. The amount of knowledge you have is mind blowing!


I want to wish you two a very happy birthday. Though you are 6 years old now, you're still my babies.

Love, Mommy

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ISAIAH 41:10

So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.